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Tivvyfest 2012

Tivvyfest - Tiverton's Community Festival - are very keen that every individual, club, school and society that might wish to take part is aware of how keen we are for their input. We have had a number of clubs which have embraced the ideas behind the Festival and have been involved from the beginning, but we are very keen to get more involved. Find out more about Tivvyfest 2012

Aerial photograph of Tiverton

Aerial photograph of Tiverton taken on 11th March 2010 by Robin D W Norton

The seal of the town of Tiverton

The seal of the town of Tiverton as displayed at the Pannier Market. The seal depicts Tiverton Castle and church above the town of Tiverton, together with the bridges over the River Lowman and River Exe, either side of a woolpack. The legend reads 'SIGILVM OPPIDI DE TYVERTON' which quite literally means 'The seal of the town of Tiverton'.

Tiverton Castle Tivoli Cinema

Left, Tiverton Castle and right, the Art Deco styled Tivoli Cinema which has recently been saved from development.

Tiverton Canal

The Grand Western Canal at Tiverton

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History of Tiverton
Famous people
Grand Western Canal
Horse drawn barge
Mid Devon Show
Pannier Market
River Exe
River Lowman
Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival 2013
Historic churches:
St. George's
St. Paul's
St. Peter's
Tiverton Baptist Church
Historic schools:
Chilcot School
Old Blundell's
National School
Historic buildings & landmarks:
Clock Tower
John Greenway's Almshouse Chapel
Edward VII statue
The Great House of St. George
John Heathcoat & Company Ltd. factory
Knightshayes Court
Tiverton Castle
Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life
Tiverton Town Hall
Tivoli Cinema
White Horse pub
Wedding Fairs
Here's a great site if you are are thinking of getting married in Tiverton. We recommend you look at Tiverton Wedding Fairs or venture further afield in Devon by looking at Devon Wedding Fairs
Statue of Edward VII
Summer flowers opposite Tiverton Town Hall

Summer flowers opposite Tiverton Town Hall